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Are you setting yourself up for self care success?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hi! I am excited to share MELT again with you this week! This is an interesting time in which I have tried to take inventory of how me and my family, especially my kiddos, are spending our day.  With the taking on of homeschooling and trying to keep everyone busy without creating horrible memories of a Mom losing her sanity...I assessed and changed our schedule yet hopes of making improvements! I won't bore you with the details, but it made me think of the message I want to share with you today.

"Anything worth doing, is worth evaluating and scheduling time for!"~ Laura Payment

You see where I am going with this aren't you?  Find that time to schedule self-care into your day.  Whether it be MELT (my preferred way ;), meditation, a walk, reading a book, gardening (whatever you deem self-care). Schedule it ideally in your day so you don't let it escape you.  Will you miss a day? Of course life happens! But if you schedule it, you are more likely to get to it than if you don't!

So go ahead:

1. Evaluate your daily schedule: Where does self-care work in your day? This may be different each day of your week. Also this will evolve so make sure to come back to this once in a while to make sure you are placing your self-care where it truly works for you.

2. Create your self-care list. What are the things that make your heart and body smile?

3. Create your goal. How many times do you want to do self-care in a day, week etc?

4. Pull those calendars out and schedule your self care! Maybe you create positive post it notes to remind you, Maybe you put reminders in your phone calendar to alert you...whatever is going to help you stay committed to your schedule!

5. Have the grace to know that you will miss some scheduled self-care because you are the boss of this schedule!

6. Most importantly, love yourself to do your best to follow your schedule for at least 2 weeks to make a habit. If it is not working, go back to step #1

Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation!~Brian Tracy

In health,

Laura Payment

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