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Hello my name is Laura Payment. I received my Bachelors

in Science for Occupational Therapy from Wayne State University in 1998. I then pursued Massage Therapy in

2008 at the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage.

"This is your massage" is my motto! And I will do my

best to facilitate healing. But I believe there are many

things we can do to EMpower ourselves intermittently.

I am honored to have trained with various brilliant minded pioneers of advancements in bodywork including Sue Hitzmann (The MELT Method), Kevin Lucas (Relief Through Rolling), David Weinstock (Neurokinetic Therapy), Alastair McLoughlin (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release), and more

to share both hands on and self~care techniques that create a healing environment in our bodies~

My passion is to massage and teach others how to self treat.

I hope you find the benefits of this BODYwork to keep you healthy and happy and living the best version of yourself!

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