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A Unique Approach



If you have an annoying ache or pain, it could be a compensatory issue in your neuromuscular system. Our Motor Control Center in the brain sends the signal to muscles on how to move, but sometimes injuries, surgeries, or just typical repetition can alter proper messaging...and there is no time stamp as to when the body responds negatively to these issues.  That's where Neurokinetic Therapy can be the mind blowing therapy your body needs to recalibrate proper signaling from the brain to the body. Through a series of muscle tests to see how different muscles are firing, a Neurokinetic Therapy practitioner can help the body seek efficient communication to reduce pain, improve movement and function. A client will be given simple "homework" to carry through what is found in session for cementing the reeducation process. It is recommended these exercises are followed and then retested and built on in another session within 2 weeks to work towards continued improvement.

A session to evaluate is scheduled which includes testing and correcting.

Then follow up sessions can be an hour or 30 min session times, depending on recommendations. 

-60 min evaluation: $80.      -30 min follow up:$50.   -Mixed Modalities sessions (NKT & MELT) to be discussed with 90 min session suggested: $110.   

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